There was never a time when I didn't want to be a hairdresser! Growing up, I've watched my aunt do hair, and was amazed at the science behind it. What color to mix to get rid of undertones, or enhance warmth, how to make hair stand up, or how to get it back into condition. All the while, talking and teaching her clients what to do at home.

   I've been doing hair since 1989. In that time, I've managed a salon for 7 years, became a certified instructor to teach Wella Colorbre and Color Touch. I've taught on stage for 2 years, traveled to 4 states, and trained in the valley on using corrective color and toners. I was also honored to go to New York for 6 months where I, and a dozen others, trained under Beth Minardi and learned the Redken Shades EQ line.
After I settled and had kids, I worked at Haircutters in the Park as a Master Stylist for 15 years. First working with Matrix So Color, then worked with the Aveda line. I have helped with teaching classes on foiling,  different techniques in perms, updos, and coloring. My main subject was teaching proper techniques when doing a color:  learning to "see" undertones, teaching the color wheel, what developer to use in colors and lightening, timing, and placement of foils.

Working at Haircutters, I worked with Rick Hughes, who has been a hairdresser for over 40 years, and owned that shop for almost 30. While there, I watched and learned how to do the lost art of roller sets, back combing, and styling. He taught me how to do "Sassoon" cutting: very symmetrical wedges, and bobs.

I feel all of us has something to contribute, and always needing to learn to make us better. We have a job that puts us in our client's "bubble" and gain their trust to express ourselves and bring out the best in them. They are our best walking advertisement. I absolutely love what I do, and will go to any length to honor them and to the people who have taught me.


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